Travis proves the perfect seating for UK Christian Centre

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Travis proves the perfect seating for UK Christian Centre

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Kingsway International Christian Centre, UK

The Kingsway International Christian Centre, near the site of the 2010 World Olympic Village in Walthamstow, London, caters for local worshippers from almost 50 nations. With large attendances at their gatherings, they need to accommodate the maximum number of people in flexible comfort, while at the same time having seating that provides the best in comfort and durability.

Working with Leadcom Seating, the Travis was found to be the most suitable and practical for their needs, the final seat count being 2,650. The stackable design of Travis now allows Kingsway to make best use of their space, depending on the event they are hosting. That they can do this, without sacrificing the congregation comfort they would have done had they used the more traditional wooden pew, was one of the key selling points. This is all down to the high back support and shape of Travis, coupled with its moulded seat cushion providing a high level of comfort for users.

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