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Here is a selection of LEADCOM SEATING’s prominent installations. For more information about the project, feel free to contact LEADCOM sales representatives.

For theater chairs, airport seating, coach and bus seating, and other public seating solutions, visit Leadcom Seating. We are a worldwide industry leader in public seating solution, unique in the fact that 99 percent of our materials and products are inspected and manufactured in our own industry-exclusive workshops.

Customers who purchase theater seats from Leadcom Seating will enjoy high-performing chairs that are exceptionally comfortable, ergonomically designed, and incredibly durable. Leadcom Seating goes beyond simply offering high-quality theater chairs, we are dedicated to providing optimal service to customers worldwide. From the moment that you contact us with your theater seating requirements, we guarantee that we will see the project through to the end and ensure that your theater chairs are perfectly installed.

We’re here to lower the cost of theater seats while improving their quality and guaranteeing smooth installation. When people pay to view a movie or a theatrical performance, they expect be comfortable in their theater chairs. With this in mind, we devote ourselves to fulfilling the need for comfort and creating a memorable entertainment experience for moviegoers.

The theater seats we offer at Leadcom Seating come in three different models: Full rocker, lounger back, fixed back, and VIP recliner. Each seating option is comfortable and provides the amenities moviegoers want during their cinema experience, including cup holders, tray tables, storage compartments, and love-seat options on specific seats. Leadcom’s theater chairs are designed in a comfortable width to accommodate different body sizes and configured in the best seating layout. Our professional support team creates the best layout with ideal row spacing, ample leg space, and a minimally blocked screen sightline.

Theaters chairs like our VIP recliners provide unique comfort and luxury, creating a truly memorable cinema experience for moviegoers. Leadcom’s exclusive collection of reclining theater chairs offer a full-range of luxurious accessories, such as various cup holders, storage compartments, tray tables, and clean, easy footrests, which allow employees to easily clean up the under-seat area. Our more cost-effective options like lounger-back and fixed back seats do not include all of the luxuries of the VIP recliners, but they are still extremely comfortable when set in the proper angles.

Being comfortable in your theater chair is essential when you want to fully enjoy the interesting movie you’ve paid to see while munching on treats like popcorn and candy. Let Leadcom Seating help you make the most of your customers’ movie-going experience with quality, comfortable, affordably-priced theater seats.

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