Make your Dream Seating Concept a Perfect Metric for the Future of Your Venue

As a world-class seating manufacturer, we understand that every project is unique and requires the highest specification in terms of style, function, quality and safety. This is why “one size fits all” is never the approach at Leadcom Seating. The essence of our “Made to Measure (MtM)” service lies in customized service at every stage from concept to installation, to make your facilities stand out from the rest.

Now, you may ask: what can we do for you with Leadcom made to measure service?

  • Maximize style and aesthetics to match with your space interior – unique and exclusive. We help you get away from your dilemma of finding the desired seating product from existing designs on the brochure. We tailor our products to your ideas, not the other way around. Preferred fabric and finishing are also available to enrich your space. The design of the project is always in your hands – tailored at its finest.
  • Minimize space restriction by offering complete flexibility on seating designs. Regardless of whether it is on flat, slope, tier, straight or curved configured, or space with limited access, we help you find the best solution to improve your space utilization.
  • Achieve individualized functionality. There is no point in having seats just beautifully designed. Before we consider the aesthetic or secondary practical benefits, we always ensure that the seats we tailor-made for you are functional and compatible with a greater variety of accessories that exactly match with your space purpose.

With decades of customization experience and expertise backed with strong in-house expert team and overseas contractual designers, we can make your seat design ideas a reality. When we design seating for your space, our 33 highly skilled seating engineers take into account row spacing, any relevant height restrictions, the level of functionality required, ease of installation and after-sales maintenance.

One of the outstanding projects developed by Leadcom made-to-measure team is the Prime Minister office in Brunei Darussalam. This project is a prime example of Leadcom’s design philosophy, and is now a part of the state-of-the-art government complex intended for international meetings and press conferences. We designed Puccini, an expression of progressive premium, for the auditorium to meet the growing spatial needs of the ministry. Beautifully designed and enhanced by technology and innovation, it is an icon of performance with solid exterior character protecting a warm and inviting interior. Leadcom design extends much further than just chairs. We design everything the user will see, touch and feel.

Start your made-to-measure experience with Leadcom, here and now.

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