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Leadcom Newsletter – July

2019-08-08T04:14:49-04:00August 8th, 2019|

Superb fire drill at Leadcom factory

 raising the alarm and reducing workplace hazards

On 16th July, all the staff at our factory undertook an important fire drill.

The purpose of this drill was to ensure that everyone at Leadcom knows how to respond as quickly as possible should a fire, smoke, carbon monoxide or other emergency occur at our factory. Like any employer, Leadcom takes the safety and well-being of its employees extremely seriously. While we always have the correct emergency procedures in place, we have always recognised that it is nevertheless vitally important that all workers know how to actually react themselves in the unlikely event of a major emergency.

We all know that during an emergency fire drill it is not only just about the procedures that staff must be made aware of in advance and should be able to follow. We also use this opportunity to once again check that all our equipment is 100% correct and fully-operative and that our appointed first aiders know what to do and how to treat people as quickly as possible.

Our emergency drill showed precisely this to all our staff and how they should respond in the event of an emergency, including fire, injury and also the on-the-spot treatment of injuries.

With around 1000 staff at our factory, the consequences would be very serious if we were not able to evacuate quickly should a fire ever occur. This drill demonstrated how Leadcom, when it comes to attentive care and protectiveness of staff and visitors alike, is a wholly responsible employer and is always prepared for any eventuality.

The luxury of Emblem and Maestro Premium excites Lumen

Lumen Cinema, HK

The Lumen Cinema in Hong Kong had the requirement for luxurious and stylish seating for their patrons in order to offer a premium cinematic experience. They chose a combination of Emblem for the main cinema and Maestro Premium for the compact cinema as being the ideal configuration for their needs.

Emblem was chosen on the basis of being able to provide cinema-goers maximum comfort with a theatre-from-home experience. The ergonomic Emblem, with its luxurious headrest allows for perfect seating posture and total cinematic enjoyment. And the spacious cup-holder built into the armrest means no more spilled refreshments. Supporting Emblem, Maestro were installed in the minor viewing cinema at Lumen. With space at somewhat of a premium, yet a luxurious seating solution required, the combination of its space-saving wall-hugger mechanism and foldable footrest for ease of cleaning and maintenance. Maestro was the seat of choice.


                  Travis proves the perfect seating for UK Christian Centre

Kingsway International Christian Centre, UK

The Kingsway International Christian Centre, near the site of the 2010 World Olympic Village in Walthamstow, London, caters for local worshippers from almost 50 nations. With large attendances at their gatherings, they need to accommodate the maximum number of people in flexible comfort, while at the same time having seating that provides the best in comfort and durability.

Working with Leadcom Seating, the Travis was found to be the most suitable and practical for their needs, the final seat count being 2,650. The stackable design of Travis now allows Kingsway to make best use of their space, depending on the event they are hosting. That they can do this, without sacrificing the congregation comfort they would have done had they used the more traditional wooden pew, was one of the key selling points. This is all down to the high back support and shape of Travis, coupled with its moulded seat cushion providing a high level of comfort for users.

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