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Leadcom Seating Seminar

2019-02-25T22:33:26-05:00May 2nd, 2018|

Shaping the Future Together

The 37th China International Furniture Fair spanned some 3,868 exhibitors, bringing together 168,881 professional visitors and hundreds of industry thought leaders. Taking this opportunity, Leadcom Seating Seminar was organized to explore and debate the future of public seating solutions together – an event that ultimately attracted the attention of hundreds of executives spanning multiple industries.

The seminar discussions revolved around resource integration and platform conformity– exchanging views, opinions and expertise about the evolving demands of consumers and how seating businesses could collaborate to share resources. It was envisaged that companies from different industries could and should work together for better outcomes for all. Not just for the companies in question, but for consumers and an optimal seating experience in comfort and luxury, and for more effective resource integration and platform conformity.

As well as the seminar covering cross-industry cooperation, the timeless challenge of diverse consumer demands and current trends were discussed – with the expert panel developing their thoughts as to how products can deliver a personalized product experience. It leaves us in no doubt that the future of seating solutions will be shaped through cross-market collaboration.


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