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Titan LS-420 – A Seat that Redefines Student Interaction

Innovation and advancement lie at the heart of Leadcom culture. We are forever pursuing the development of new products that provide environment-altering benefits.

The Titan LS-420 epitomizes these qualities. As a desk and chair seating solution for the educational setting, this concept was made for busy spaces where learner collaboration is encouraged.

No longer will learners be restricted to simply facing forward and working with partners seated next to them. With seats that rotate 360-degrees, they can co-work with the rows directly in front and behind them, while the generous desk space makes room for all. The inset electrical system also powers the increasing amount of tech that students rely on as they learn.

Maintenance is made easy, as the chairs retract when not in use; and as with every Leadcom seating solution, the Titan is supremely comfortable, offering a curved backrest and comfy yet durable seat cushion.

Education seating titan


Church congregation rejoice and relax in the Louisville

Arsha Vidya Gurukulam Church, USA

The Arsha Vidya Gurukulam is a religious center in the USA. While serving as an institute for traditional Indian teachings, their base is modern and contemporary.

Leadcom was approached to deliver a project of 402 seats for their auditorium.

With elegant and graceful style, the design of the classic Louisville LS-10601P ticked every part of the multi-faceted needs of this brief. Offering exceptional comfort and strong steel support, guests of the Arsha Vidya Gurukulam are set to be seated in style and comfort for many years to come.

Premiere Cinemas ‘spoil their customers’ with the Maestro Premium

Premiere Cinemas – Pell City, USA

The Pell City cinema entertainment venue is the latest complex to be added to the estate of Premiere Cinemas.

Owner and CEO of Texas-based Premiere Cinema Corp, Gary Moore, describes the goal of his venues simply and succinctly: “This is the cinema I want to go to when I see a movie”. Part and parcel of this is to offer real leather, high-end seating with a ‘Hollywood feel’.

A venue of significant size, this project involved 794 seats, for which the enduringly stylish Maestro Premium was a compelling choice. Offering sophisticated style and space-saving practicality, this model provides the wow-factor that this cinema brand aim for.

“The first button controls the electric recliner function of the seat which is amazing in itself. But the second button adjusts the electric headrest for you. It doesn’t matter where you’re sitting in the theatre, you customize the viewing angle to your own taste and comfort. You will definitely be spoiled!”– Mark Vaughan, Facility Director at Premiere Cinemas – Pell City, USA

Design Connects People

MIFF Malaysia–Furniture Show,8-11 March,2019

The annual MIFF-Furniture Show in Malaysia, and takes delegates “right into the heart of the furniture industry in the thriving ASEAN economic ecosystem”.

From the office to education and into the auditorium, our exhibition area showcased some of our most popular products in differing settings – workstations, training tables and office chairs.

For four busy days, our team demoed our products and explained all the ways in which the Leadcom experience is quite unlike any other – from the first enquiry to the project is finalized and signed off.

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