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Celebrating Chinese New Year with our Sparkling Annual Banquet

February 12th - 13th 2019

The Chinese New Year brings with it the perfect opportunity to celebrate all that Leadcom has achieved during the past 12 months. This year our two-day event took place at the stunning medieval-style Dragon Lake Princess Hotel in Guangzhou. Set in extensive grounds and surrounded by steep valleys, ranging mountains and a clear-water lake, this was the ideal venue for reflection, looking forward and team-bonding.


Day one of our two-day event kicked off in glittering style. We threw ourselves into a fun line up of activities, including ‘Gambling in Las Vegas′, flower arranging, canvas bag painting and bartending.

As the evening closed in, our party with a stylish ‘Broadway’ theme began, with our Leadcom colleagues treated to many wonderful shows, even some of our colleagues stepping up on stage.

The wonderful night completed with each audience member receiving a prize in the raffle. All in all, this was an unforgettable evening for each member of us.

Sophisticated style, complete comfort – for your viewing pleasure

Waves Cinema, Denmark
The Waves Cinema in Denmark is the latest addition to the Nordisk Film Biografer’s venues. This brand is known for the best movie equipment and its soft cinema chairs, and this venue would be no different.
For this client, the Prince Rocker LS-6601 soon became a clear forerunner for its six screens and 780 seats. It’s elegant, sculpted comfort and rocker structure provides a relaxing, unique movie experience; which is exactly what audience members of this cinema chain want and expect.

Designing comfort for learning at a leading university

Ming Xian Hall at the Tunghai University, Taiwan

Tunghai University, in Taiwan, is well-known for its beautiful campus and numerous landmarks. It serves as an educational base for more than 17,000 students, and by their own account, they provide environments in which students find ideal spaces for teaching and research.

Our role at the university was to design, deliver and install a 242-seat solution for the Ming Xian Hall, for which we chose the high-performance, ergonomic design and exceptional comfort of the LS-6608.

The contoured seat provides students with superior support, while the writing tablet arm offers a well-proportioned space for writing and typing.

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