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Swing back into comfort with Valerio

Introducing the newest model to the Leadcom range

Every day theatre owners around the world seek out new ways to enhance the moviegoing experience of their patrons, yet they must balance aesthetics with practicality. After all, with only limited time in between films, cleaning must be quick but thorough. From the floor to the seats, every furnishing and fixture has to stand up to tough everyday use.

Valerio brings classic, distinguished style to Leadcom’s range of seating. Taking up just 48 inches to fully recline, comfort doesn’t come at the cost of compromising on floorspace.

With quilt-effect texture on the arm rests and side panels combined with wood detailing this model is one of understated sophistication.

The plush cushion of Valerio doesn’t just offer sink-into-your-seat luxury either. Being flippable, this seat cushion offers supremely easy cleaning and maintenance. Valerio is also economic as its back and seat paddings are incredibly easy to be replaced.

Featuring a swing back, this Leadcom seat offers the option to upgrade to plastic foots and a smooth swivel tray table with in-set cupholder. This completes Valerio seating experience – for enhanced beverage and movie enjoyment.

cinema seating valerio


Worshipping in style and comfort at the Pentecost Church

Pentecost Church, Canada

A large, modern space, this venue required a seating solution that would deliver a higher level of comfort, while providing quick assembly and great value. All of the qualities that Performer LS-13601N provides in spades.

For this church’s 750 seats, this model will put in comfortable, reliable performance for year after year use, while the bespoke blue fabric complements the slate grey, contemporary surroundings.

Pentecost Church Leadcom seating

Awe-inspiring seating for an award-winning cinema

Deluxe Cinemas, New Zealand

From the thick red curtains that line the auditorium walls, to the art deco reception that is reminiscent of the golden age of the silver screen, Deluxe Cinemas are designed to be a visual celebration of film.

This venue is stylish and luxurious, while the patrons have come to expect a premium movie going experience. For this 80-seat auditorium, the superbly designed and engineered MOJO cinema seating was a natural fit, perfect for providing the ultimate in long-term patron comfort and style.

cinema seating mojo view 1

CinemaCon – Celebrating the Moviegoing Experience

Las Vegas, USA, 1st – 4th April 2019

CinemaCon is the world’s largest and most important event for movie theatre owners around the globe, providing the perfect stage for the star of our cinema seating.

For CinemaCon 2019, Leadcom exhibited to delegates from more than 80 countries, who experienced the latest and most important advances in theater equipment and concession products – among which was our Maestro Premium which formed the focal point of our stand.

Classic and refined, Maestro Premium is one of our most popular models for cinema setting; space-saving, stylish and modern, this model ticks all the boxes in terms of easy, speedy cleaning and fabulous comfort.

Our all-star cast formed the remainder of the Leadcom Seating ensemble, including Millennium Premium, Galaxy and Valerio.


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