Titan LS-420 – A Seat that Redefines Student Interaction

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Titan LS-420 – A Seat that Redefines Student Interaction

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Titan LS-420 – A Seat that Redefines Student Interaction

Innovation and advancement lie at the heart of Leadcom culture. We are forever pursuing the development of new products that provide environment-altering benefits.

The Titan LS-420 epitomizes these qualities. As a desk and chair seating solution for the educational setting, this concept was made for busy spaces where learner collaboration is encouraged.

No longer will students be restricted to simply facing forward and working with partners seated next to them. With seats that rotate 360-degrees, they can co-work with the rows directly in front and behind them, while the generous desk space makes room for all. The inset electrical system also powers the increasing amount of tech that students rely on as they learn.

Maintenance is made easy, as the chairs retract when not in use; and as with every Leadcom seating solution, the Titan is supremely comfortable, offering a curved backrest and comfy yet durable seat cushion.

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