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Larger educational spaces, such as lecture halls and auditorium spaces have the need for seating that must not only be adaptable, durable and easy to maintain, but it also has to be accommodating, attractive and comfortable.

Leadcom Seating have recently introduced Alano, seating that not only addresses these key educational-space requirements, but at the same time is extremely attractive and importantly, represents very good value for money.

This new, aesthetically edgy and angular seating, like all Leadcom products have been specially-designed to bring a brand-new look, feel and ambience to any venue, large or small. And highly relevant for educational spaces, Alano features a geometric, smooth, sculpted shape, with the highest quality plywood with veneer-finished seat and back support both in an attractive wood-grain effect. Table-tops are MDF and also have an attractive and hard-wearing veneer finish

Notably, Alano is highly adaptable in order to suit different layouts and levels for all educational environments. It features an aluminum pedestal to caters for customized heights and this flexibility means that chair and desk are correctly aligned to encourage good posture and healthy study.

Education seating Alano LS-421

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