Leadcom creates an all-star line-up for Prime Cineplex’s luxury auditoriums

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Leadcom creates an all-star line-up for Prime Cineplex’s luxury auditoriums

2019-02-25T22:28:38-05:00July 2nd, 2018|

Prime Cineplex is a state-of-the-art cinema set within the prestigious Zaisan Hill Retail Complex – a leading destination for dining, entertainment and shopping.


As they prepared for a grand opening in early 2018, Leadcom was commissioned to provide the venue’s seating solutions back in 2017. The the project involved 526 seats, consisting of 4 different models (including recliners) situated across 5 auditoriums – the Dolby Atmos Auditorium, 4DX Auditorium, VIP Auditorium, Dolby Surround Auditorium and Premium Auditorium.


The Crown Jewel Model was singled out and selected by Prime Cineplex for its Premium Auditorium screen. With its innovative space-saving design, this model is an especially effective solution for cinemas with limited row spacing. While the Crown Jewel Model doesn’t feature a footrest, it does offer supreme comfort and a seating experience so wonderful that it easily competes with the typical cinema recliner. This model also features replaceable PU arm padding – for easier maintenance and cleaning.


In the VIP Auditorium screen, it was the Lorenz cinema recliner that proved to be a perfect cast for the role. Soft and supple to touch and feel, with a smooth reclining motion, the Lorenz offers unbelievable comfort, while the premium enclosure panel creates more privacy.


Third and finally, for the Dolby Atmos and Dolby Surround Auditorium screen, it was the Tennessee Model that stole the show – a seating solution that presents a fresh alternative to traditional fixed-back cinema seating. Striking the balance just right between cost-effectiveness and comfort, it was an obvious choice for one of the largest screens in the cinema.

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