Industry-university research cooperation between Leadcom and NPU

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Industry-university research cooperation between Leadcom and NPU

2019-02-25T22:35:59-05:00January 16th, 2018|

The Industry-University Cooperative Research Center, co-established by Leadcom Seating and the Northwestern Polytechnical University of Xi’an Shaanxi was officially opened on 6th November. The opening ceremony took place on what was a beautiful autumnal day at the university. Leadcom Seating CEO, Jason Zhang, Engineering Director Lucas Liu, the Principal of the university, Mr. Wu together with key members from both the University and Leadcom Seating attended the ceremony and officially unveiled the commemorative plaque.

The Center was started with an investment from Leadcom Seating and is primarily supported by Leadcom Seating’s research and development center. This collaboration is a great way for Leadcom Seating and the university to gain access to, and benefit from, each other’s’ skills and expertise. We offer over 20 years’ experience in the seating industry to provide practical, hands-on answers to both ongoing and new research at the university.

This collaboration provides an excellent opportunity for students to gain the relevant training they need to enter the industry. When they do start their careers, they not only have the benefit of the training they have received in advance at the Center, but they gain key insights into the industry that enable them to make a significant contribution to the business from day one. The Center also provides students with a suitable foundation and greater understanding of the further and ongoing on-the-job training they will receive at Leadcom Seating.

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