Emblem model provides awe-inspiring seating experience

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Emblem model provides awe-inspiring seating experience

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The Jinyi Cinema in Guangzhou (China) recently installed the new Leadcom Emblem cinema seat model for this incredibly futuristic cinema. Offering superior comfort and body support, Emblem brings a new experience to cinema enjoyment. The owners of the Jinyi cinema, itself taking inspiration from a meteor shower streaking through the sky were so impressed with the new Emblem seating when it was first released at the end of 2016 that they immediately ordered a full fitting-out of 1,300 seats.

Jinyi Cinema


Jinyi Cinemas Guangzhou Haizhucheng IMAX, nicknamed “Meteor Cinema,” is a two-story cinema located in a shopping mall in Guangzhou. The process of filmmaking inspired the One Plus Partnership, Ltd. design team to think of a meteor shower. A movie takes years to complete; it is the result of the hard work of a large team of people. The designers wanted to pay tribute to filmmakers through the design of this cinema, reminding audiences of the passion and effort filmmakers have cultivated for their relatively short-lived enjoyment.

The concept of meteor shower continues through the auditorium. The designers have created different portrayals of meteor shower, enabling the audience to have a new experience when they watch movie in different auditoriums. For example, rectangular decorations are installed on the wall to imitate shooting stars radiating in the night sky. In another auditorium, instead of going in a diagonal direction, the trails of the meteor shower are horizontal. There is another auditorium where regular seats are replaced by beds, enabling the audience to lie down comfortably and enjoy the meteor shower before the movie starts.

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